Old School Barbering with JT

At Mateo House of Beauty, JT provides traditional old school barbering services that pay homage to the classic barbershop experience. This style of barbering is all about precision, attention to detail, and a focus on the classic barbering techniques that have been used for generations.

JT begins each cut with a consultation to understand your hair type, style preferences, and desired outcome. He uses shears and clippers to achieve the perfect balance of length and shape, ensuring that your hair is symmetrical and well-proportioned. He will also provide guidance on how to maintain your cut and style your hair at home.

JT also offers traditional hot towel and straight razor shaves, using high-quality shaving products and techniques to ensure a close and comfortable shave, leaving you looking and feeling your best. He also offers traditional grooming services such as face and neck shaves, beard trims and grooming.

At Mateo House of Beauty JT prides himself in providing a traditional barbershop experience, using tried and true techniques passed down from generations of barbers to create a timeless look that never goes out of style. With JT you’ll get a precision cut, attentive grooming and an experience that you won’t forget.

Price: Men $50, Boys (Ages 6-17) $40