Signature Shaping Her and Him

Discover a renewed style with Mateo’s Signature Shaping at Mateo House of Beauty.

Mateo is a true master of hair shaping, and he’s ready to give you the cut of your dreams. During your consultation, he’ll take into consideration your face shape, hair type, and personal style, to create a personalized cut that will enhance your features and complement your overall appearance.

Mateo is skilled in various cutting techniques, such as shears, clippers and razor cutting, He creates a precise and polished cut with clean lines that blends well and creates a natural and balanced look. He will also provide guidance on how to style and maintain your hair and recommend suitable styling products for you to use at home.

Mateo is dedicated to providing personalized service, he listens to clients’ needs and wants and works with them to achieve their desired look. He takes the time to understand your lifestyle, hair goals and any challenges you have with your hair, and creates a cut that will not only look great but also be easy to maintain and style.

At Mateo House of Beauty, Mateo’s ultimate goal is to provide personalized and signature haircut services that enhance the appearance and boost the confidence of each individual client, creating a look that is easy to maintain and fits their lifestyle. His precision cutting and attention to detail will leave you with a polished and balanced haircut that will make you look and feel your best.

Price: Women $150, Men $75